What is Tekmer?

TEKMER mean Technology Development Center;

Business Development Center (İŞGEM) and Technology Development Center (TEKMER); entrepreneurs and businesses in pre-incubation, incubation, post-incubation processes; They are structures where services such as business development, access to financial resources, management, consultancy, mentorship, office and network participation are provided.

These processes are;

Pre-incubation, individual or group training, consultancy, mentoring, project idea verification and business development services for entrepreneurs who have not established their businesses,

Incubation, training, technical consultancy, mentoring, coaching, access to networks, finding investors, workplace / workspace and field / machine / software services for common use, and promotion services and accelerator provided for the development of entrepreneurs or businesses and commercialization of project / business ideas. program,

After incubation, market strategy development, management, growth strategy, fund finding, access to networks services offered to businesses that have completed / are about to complete the incubation process, as well as experience sharing, mentoring, coaching, fundraising services and accelerators offered by these enterprises to those in the pre-incubation / incubation process includes programs.

İŞGEM; It is a structure that is operated in order to transform entrepreneurs with business ideas in a certain theme or in more than one complementary / related themes and subjects specified in İŞGEM Technology Fields Table, and to ensure the development of businesses.

TEKMER; It is a structure that provides services for entrepreneurs or businesses that have a technology / innovation-oriented business idea / project that includes research and development and / or product / process / service innovation in one or more related themes.

Themes of İŞGEM / TEKMER; Energy, renewable energy, aviation, defense, medicine, medical device, medical, biotechnology, nanotechnology, genetics, robotics, machinery, electricity, electronics, chemistry, information and communication technologies, software, digitalization and similar subjects.

The right to use the name İŞGEM and TEKMER, which are protected by KOSGEB under the Industrial Property Law No. 6769, is evaluated by the Board and given to those who are deemed appropriate.